Bambüsi Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board, Kitchen Chopping Board


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The Most Sanitary Board for All Your Culinary Projects

Babulal’s equips with the best cutting board according to your cooking style. From our uncompromising bamboo deep design to our custom shape construction, this large cutting board is very functional to prep your ingredients in one surface without the need to move things off the board. With the perfect weight and outstanding surface mechanism, our bamboo cutting board stay in place on your countertop so you can get things going.

Mess-Proof and Convenient

The rigorous construction of the drip groove is engineered to hold up to 1 oz. of juices and liquid from spilling all over your counter. Babulal’s chopping boards are tailor-made with professional chefs in mind to satisfy every aspect of managing the kitchen more efficiently.

Premium Collection by Babulal’s

All of our kitchen products are crafted with 100% premium Mosso bamboo, a renewable source that is harvested at the prime age of 5 years. Designed for the modern kitchen, Babulal’s follows the trend of creating attractive, practical, and decorative boards that meet current standards for the home chef.

  • Drip Grooves
  • Little Maintenance
  • Durable and Strong
  • Does not Absorb bacteria


  • Dia 18-inch W x 12-inch H 3/4 in Thick


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