Hot Pot, Electric Pot


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  • Two types of pots: stainless steel & non-stick. The first type is for steaming, slow-cooking & blanching. The second is for frying, stir-frying, slow-cooking, cooking, and blanching. If you plan to do frying or stir-frying, please choose the non-stick option.
  • Worried that your food is cooked unevenly? This mini hotpot comes with twice the amount of heating rod as the normal designs, boasting a complete circular design, so your food will cook evenly. 
  • Two available heat settings (300W & 600W) will not cause a jumped fuse.  The lower setting is good for slow cooking & saves energy. The higher setting enables quicker cooking.
  • Double-layer design keeps outer surface from being too hot for the touch.  Overheating and boil-dry protection ensures your safety & the pot’s usability.
  • Easy cleaning with non-stick pot-just need to wipe off with a tissue after use.


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